This 1971 Dodge Superbee Is The Last Barn Find! His Owner Could Not Refuse This Offer!

Dodge Superbee

There is no doubt that Rick was born under a lucky star. Although his main purpose was searching for an old and crusty truck, what he came across left him with his mouth open. As soon as he took a look over his shoulder, he immediately spotted the ’71 Dodge Superbee. Having a weird color of a Mopar: yellow with graphics and black stripes on it.

The owner said it was bought from a shop long ago, and now it’s just sitting in a barn. The owner could not wait to hear the offer. But Rick decided to research the Dodge a little bit before telling a price. As soon as Rick checked the car, he assumed that it’s a regular car which hasn’t been driven even for decades. In addition, he asked the owner for permission to open the hood, and what he saw under the hood was a lot of rusty parts. But, Rick was not surprised since he had seen even worse. He did not mind that the battery was gone. Because the real bonus according to him was the 6-cylinder radiator and 340 Magnum Heavy 727 transmission.

Nonetheless, it’s quite obvious that Rick knows how this is done as he came comes up with an offer out of nowhere. He won’t get this car ever since he’s aware that this Dodge is worth a lot of money. If not, its owner long time ago would have got rid of it. Even if he has it, it required a lot of work. But Rick is not afraid of that because he is aware that this car is precious!