1976 Black Chevy Camaro SCREAMS EXTREMELY LOUDLY on Its 22 and 24 Inches Forgiato Wheels!


First of all, tell us how do you define the term LOUD? Is LOUD the V8 stock engine that delivers 155 HP with 350 cubic inches? I doubt. No matter what, it cannot roar badly.

Then, what makes the 1976 Black Chevy Camaro so bad and loud?

Is it the body? Maybe, because it’s freshly paint with black color and it’s combined with 22 inches and 24 inches Forgiato wheels that makes the car look pretty much dangerous. And what’s more, the rear wheels are even larger, 24 x 15 inches. For the sake of fitting, they added coil over suspension and shortened the real axle. Now it looks damn scary on those enormous wheels.

But still, we are not convinced. In order to be, let’s see what is beneath the hood. Nor less no more, but 427 cubic inches Chevy! The stampede of 480 horses makes it screaming loud as hell.

Last but not least, let’s see the interior: everything clear with huge speakers that make the car jump when the maximum volume of the audio system will be turned on.

Watch the video and enjoy the sound!