2 GRANNIES & LAMBO MURCIELAGO 650 HP in a HILLARIOUS Driving Adventure! Don’t Go OUT in Town while this combination HAVE EXTREME FUN!


The video you’re about to see might be the funniest one you’ll see throughout the week and it will relax you completely. This unusual happening can’t be seen every day. We have seen grannies in expensive cars, but this one: two grannies driving Lamborghini Murcielago is completely different.

Not just it’s far expensive, it’s super fast and can’t be steered easily, especially by an elderly people.

This exactly is what makes them interesting and funny: the way these grannies handle the challenge of driving the Lambo.

As soon as they woke up today, they felt adventurous and had an extreme wish of trying something they haven’t tried before.

This adventure will bring exactly that: the excitement of their lives! We can notice their excitement when they see the sliding doors opening by saying: ‘Up we go’!

It’s very good to know that Lamborghini can make someone laugh out loud. They don’t hide their joy. This is their driving of a lifetime which rose up their adrenaline so much.

Often, older people are hard to amaze because they think they’ve seen everything in life. But this driving performance was something that will leave a great impact on their life experience.

One of the grannies exclaims that Lambo’s engine roars like a lion, and she’s totally right. It’s not a cat; it’s even more than a lion. This Lamborghini is a beast of a machine delivering incredible performance on the streets.

It’s more than obvious that they have a lot of fun, and thanks to them we are going to have as well. Enjoy!