Unbelievable! This 6-Years-Old Boy Is Riding His Dad’s Harley Davidson

This 6-Years-Old Boy Is Riding His Dad’s Harley Davidson


When you were a child, did your parents ever allow you to do something dangerous? If yes, then your parents are either the coolest ones ever or the most reckless ones, like for example the father in the video below. This dad let his son drive his Harley Davidson and gave him the utmost control of the motorbike. While both of them enjoy the motorcycle ride, the father taps the little body on his helmet in front of him.

Unfortunately, we could not find context for video. Therefore, we do not know when and where this ride was happening. Regardless, it’s definitely against the law to allow your little kid to drive a motorcycle on open public roads.

However, both the father and the kid handle the things very well. They didn’t pass any traffic and waited for meet a straight and long piece of road so can the kid take over the control. The little kid is so cool, as well. He grabbed the handlebars nonchalantly after 2 prompts from the man. Besides, he gives the throttle a good twist and he’s not even afraid of any of that.

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