‘62 Chevrolet Street Truck AT THE 2015 Pigeon Forge Rod Run…I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHERE TO START WITH THIS ONE!!


Stop and stare! That’s the message this rough truck sends to the observant on the first sight and believe us you cannot help yourself! Simply because there is too much craziness on this truck! Honestly we don’t know from where to begin!

Let’s take a look at the wheels first, massive 26 inches chromed wheels on which lays this scary body of an old 1962 C10 Chevy truck! Ah the body, what should we say about it, bare metal, exposed to the maximum! All the welds can be seen, all the fabrication is viewable! Maybe to someone this would be an ugly bastard but it’s good truck for bitchin around.

For sure it has packed some huge Crate Engine from Chevrolet which supported with the massive blower which arises above the hood delivers over 500 ponies. So, how does it seem to you?

Just imagine it roaring from behind you and the moment you turn back your stay shocked, the apocalyptic truck is here! Just imagine it in some epic movie where it chases zombies steered by Vin Diesel! Sounds juicy doesn’t it?

Just play the video bellow and try not to stare on it! Enjoy the video folks!