707HP Hellcat Jeep Wrangler Is Only Made In America!

Boy oh boy… This Dodge Jeep is an insane custom …

Boy oh boy… This Dodge Jeep is an insane custom vehicle. Which, I suppose, should not come as a surprise to any gearhead anywhere since you know you are going to end up with something amazing when you mix two of the most bad @ss iconic American made vehicles of all time. In this case, Dakota Customs somehow melded a 707-horsepower Dodge Challenger Hellcat with a Jeep Wrangler to create an all American offroader that is powered by a 707-horsepower HEMI V8 engine. Woah, hold on Nelly! That does not make no sense, yo! But, this Dakota Customs 707HP Hellcat Jeep Wrangler makes for a whole lot of FUN! Click play and be blown away! I love the engine sound of this custom Jeep along with the way it rips out donuts in a grassy field!

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Source: www.speedsociety.com