A 738 hp Shelby Mustang Takes On Porsche 997, R35 GT-R and C63 AMG at a Global Competition!


This November, the Deutsche Meisterschaft Rolling 50 drag race was host to many incredibly significant race cars. There we were witnesses to a few impressive race spectacles, such as powerful BMW with M5 engine was taking on some amazing German rivals.

Equally impressive are the races captured in the video that we have provided for you, thanks to the Rolling 50.  It features plenty of heavily tuned vehicles that come from Europe, America and Asia opposing to the supercharged beast of a machine, Ford Shelby Mustang GT 500 with 783 HP.

The rivals in this competitive drag race of the 783 hp Shelby Mustang were the 900hp Mercedes – Benz C63 AMG Coupe, the 950hp Nissan GT – R, the 1200 hp Porsche 997 GTronic, and even more.

Each car has best performances in its own manner; however there is nothing more spectacular than seeing all of them in this breath-taking competition.continue-2