These Are the 3 Real Reasons Why Aaron Kaufman Had Left the ‘Gas Monkey Garage’!

Aaron Kaufman Had Left the ‘Gas Monkey Garage’


Many of us were left with broken hearts after hearing the news that Aaron Kaufman leaves one of the most famous car show ‘Gas Monkey Garage’. This means that after so many years, the famous mechanic’s duo splits up. After creating their own car show, these guys managed to achieve a lot in a very short period of time. He became one of the most skilled mechanics worldwide by learning everything on his own. So, read his top 3 reasons for his leaving the ‘Gas Monkey Garage’:

  1. Solo Career –Rumor has it that Aaron was more interested in a having a solo career. So, according to gossip, this is his major motive to leave ‘Gas Monkey Garage’.
  2. Pressure – Being a perfectionist, Aaron stated several times in Gas Monkey Garage that the short deadlines for each of his projects make him too busy. So, he could not finish his project on time and the way he had imagined them.
  3. Low ranking – Since recently, the popularity of the show Gas Monkey Garage started to decrease. According to rumors, Aaron intends to begin his own TV show or to join another famous TV show.

Take a look once again the moment when Aaron says farewell to Gas Monkey Garage: