The Amazing Skills Of Andrew Lynch Behind The Steering Wheel Impressed The Crowd!

Andrew Lynch


For so many years, Andrew Lynch is known to be responsible for catastrophic terrorization done on the Racetracks and Burnout Pads throughout the whole Australia. As soon as you think that he reached his limits in inventing the new way of a car driving. He would come up immediately with something even more fashionable than before. Which will leave you once again in an awe?

This man possesses a capability of putting his ’81 Toyota Corolla KE55 to run Tunnel Ram LS2 6.0 L. It is capable of going into each corner only within 2.5 cm of the wall. And, at the very moment you thought he would stick, he shows up flying out from the terrain, leaving the crowd spellbound with his skills behind the wheel.

His car has twin-650 cm carburetors which push an extreme amount of fuel to the LS2. It’s not a problem at all for him destroying its tires completely in Top Gear at 7.400 rpm.

Last weekend, Andrew competed in the National burnout with the premier Burnout competition in Australia (Summernats). In fact, it was an invitation for all competitors who are available to choose entrants that can win a designated Burnout.

Being qualified on the Top 30 Burnout Drivers in the Nation. Lynch promised the crowd one insane Burnout, going from one end to the other end of the track. However, it ended up unfortunately for both of his tires because they popped up really soon. Still, he was one the favorites of the crowd and he won the 4th place in the toughest competition.