Awesome Parking Solution: Park Your Car Underground With A Hidden Elevator!

Want to see the best parking solution?

The company IdealPark is based in Italy and builds and designs state-of-the-art car lifts with great passion and craftsmanship. They create unique, custom products that are in complete harmony with all urban, modern architectural and environmental requirements. In this one, they may have found a very neat parking solution when it comes to crowded cities.
With the use of automatic parking systems, motorists can now park cars underground with the use of a hidden elevator. Pretty neat, huh? IdealPark actually produced an invisible car lift for this use. This hidden garage brings both driver and car down to an underground garage.

These garage lifts that provide a very cool parking solution can sustain up to 6000 lbs of weight. The roof of this garage can be done in many ways and it`s all up to your taste. It can be tiled, paved or planted with grass. Inside this garage, you can even find in-ground turntables specifically made for parking.

This is definitely the ultimate personal Batcave for every gearhead to enjoy and eliminate all the pesky negative things that come with regular parking. Gearheads across the world are definitely more than excited about this concept and positive reviews can be found by various media.

Finally, here is the Guinness winning parking master!


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