This Black Hawk MEDEVAC Helicopter Land In The Middle Of A Road!

When you`re a helicopter pilot, you can go anywhere and do anything. Who can blame you – you have a helicopter! And as soon as you get an order to go somewhere, the adventure begins. This Black Hawk MEDEVAC chopper received an order to go and assist some people who had crashed off the side of the road in Fairbanks, Alaska. Of course, the chopper has no trouble with the terrain but it has to find a suitable spot to land and help those folks, and he finds it – right in the middle of the road!

That`s a difficult spot to land in, though, because of all of the trees surrounding the road. He has to be very careful not to hit any of them because that would mean hours of paperwork and tons of repairs and probably some grilling from higher ranking officers. However, no need for alarm – this Black Hawk MEDEVAC`s pilot is professional enough to land and take off without a single scratch on his flying machine, all the while helping some civilians get out of their current mess. The pilot is so cool, just waltzing over to the crashed vehicles, doing what needs to be done and getting on his way. Props!