This BMW TEST THE NERVES Of A Driver On the German Autobahn! How Would You React To This 2015 Road Rage War?


In case you are not familiar with the German Autobahn, it’s federal-controlled highway in Germany which has 6 lanes and it’s limited to 130 km/h.

People love driving on it because it knows no speed limit for vehicles, brands, or classes, so drivers can hit this road with enormous speed without getting police tickets.

Although everything is good, we think that this federal-controlled highway system is wrong, because, without a speed limit, the chances for accidents are bigger.

In fact, it’s up to people; they don’t appreciate the thing that they have. It’s better to pay police ticket instead than cause a car accident.

If you ride with unlimited speed as most of the drivers here, you won’t stop easily because the brakes couldn’t stop immediately.

Anyway, the video provided here is only for entertainment, where one driver passes other vehicles. It’s very interesting because it represents the actual situation how people drive on this highway.

It’s sent from an unknown source. Although almost everyone tends to race, do you think that driving with top-speed is so interesting?

We can’t wait to read your opinion in the comments below. We can start a discussion whether it’s good to drive without speed limits or not.

Enjoy the following video and share your opinion with us.