BRACE YOURSELF! This Highly Modified Monster Truck Will Boost Your Adrenaline!


What are you about to see in the following video is a real thunderstruck! Especially if you are into Monster Trucks, then you are on the right place. Because, this impressive Ford Super pickup truck cannot be seen on a daily basis. This adrenaline booster will uplift your self-esteem and will prove to you that there is barely anything in the world that will dare to stand on its way.

Do you try to guess where it comes straight from? Well, you’re right! It was expected that it will come from Texas, wasn’t it?

However, in case you’re not into trucks like these, we will suggest not giving up and try to give this beast of a truck a chance, because once you see it, you will fall in love with it immediately. Although the authors of the video didn’t provide us with more specs concerning this amazing Ford pickup truck, we are going to compensate with the incredible angles shot in this high-quality video. Each angle high-lights the truck’s magnificent power and aggressiveness in combination with the rhythm and beat from Dub Step. Enjoy the video.