Brutal `68 Dodge Charger TERRORIZES THE STREETS with 850 RWHP with a loyal MOPAR GIRL inside!


The adrenaline addicts know what kind of satisfaction and experience adrenaline provokes in them. Only one adrenaline ride and you want to do it again and again. The adrenaline sound coming from the ‘naked front’ gives you pleasure in every possible way as if you watch a caged beast moving around and roaring. And when you press the gas, it’s like you bring more anger to the beast’s soul and makes it going wild and crazy.

But the main thing that we recommend is not to go on a first date with this Dodge Charger because it might scare the hell out of your girlfriend. Unless she has a Dodge Charger tattoo on her body, then you will impress her by your incredible ride with your Dodge Charger.

Take a look at the video and pay attention to the girl’s face reaction.

Does she really like the ride or she is thinking of herself in those moments: ‘Damn, I should’ve never got into this monster-of-a-car Dodge Charger!” or she wished this beast run out of gas so the ride stops immediately, what do you think?