Cadillac ATS-V Shows How to Use It’s 464 HP!


Cadillac ATS-V Gives a lesson How to Use It’s 464 HP!

Cadillac ATS-V

Being a U.S. equivalent of the Mercedes – AMG C63S and BMW M3/4, this Cadillac ATS-V is an attractive alternative to the German cars. It’s handling, horsepower, specs, and the look of the car were a real challenge for the car engineers. Take a look at the following video in order to see this Cadillac ATS-V against BMW M3 in a quarter mile. It seems like it would be a dial-in bracket race. The Cadillac had a better start, but the BMW M3 makes a really good attempt to catch up soon.

The Cadillac seems to win over the BMW M3 on time. The trap speeds look might tell a little bit of a different story. The BMW M3 traps 105.89 mph, while the ATS-V gets 119.82 mph. This leads one to think that the BMW tapped off a little before the run ends, in order not to break out of the bracket of 11.5 seconds.

Even if this is the case really, the win was attributed to the Cadillac and that’s only what it counts. Therefore, you can save a lot of money and have a car which can beat the benchmarkers of BMW. But in case you buy ATS-V only to differ from the rest. The savings might go into the upgrading of the performance which will definitely meet the BMW’s trailing.