Take a Look How the Captured and Destroyed Fake Ferraris

Fake Ferraris


Since recently, the police in Spain has cracked down on a great circle of counterfeiters. However, this time, instead of some interesting amount of money, these guys were cranking out a lot of fake cars.

What they actually did was the following: they took cheap knockoffs and transformed them into Ferrari or Lamborghini. In fact, these junk of cars were looking like something little bit more than the everyday cars. With special body mods and a luxury interior.

In Girona, three people were arrested and 14 cars were seized. The cars were later destroyed. And, that’s not all: The Spanish police found a marijuana farm on the very same place where the people produced the fake vehicles. According to the police, it was easy to find them after following several websites that were offering already used and old supercars for sale.