Check Out This Amazing Video Of ‘ Monster Go Kart ’

Check Out This Amazing Video Of ‘ Monster Go Kart ’

‘ Monster Go Kart ’


No matter how old a person is, everyone wants to have fun occasionally. If you ask my opinion, there is nothing more fun than Go Karts. My personal definition of a good and quality spent time is: a group of friends organized for Go Kart races.

However, in the video below, there is something I have never seen so far. A new model of Go Kart which is also known as ‘Monster Go Kart’. If you don’t have an idea what we are talking about, take a look at the name and it will tell you everything.

The video we have provided for you was released in 2009. From the moment it came out, it becomes extremely popular and reached more than 2,000,000 views and likes.

But at soon as you spot the driver of this Monster Go Kart having no protective helmet and seat belt, you will definitely rename the name of this fun activity and call it ‘Death Go Kart’ instead.

Let’s admit it: no one will be brave enough to sit and drive Monster Go Kart with such a poor security. Do not miss this extraordinary Go Kart.