Check Out This Incredible Caravan For Water !

Caravan For Water


When a person has a creative mind, only the sky can be his/her limit. People worldwide combine diverse things, and the outcome is always something very interesting, handy, and practical. Daniel Straub, a German designer, is one very good example of what does ‘being creative’ mean.

So, you must ask yourself, what did he do exactly? Well, his innovative product is incredibly awesome caravan which floats on the water like a boat. This would be very practical for people who are fans of camping and water. This machine will be the right thing for them. It weighs approximately 380 kilograms and it’s made of chassis which is waterproof. This caravan has an electric motor which is capable of propelling in water and at the same time, it can accomplish a speed of 9 kph.

Don’t miss this amazing machine and share your opinion with us. Tell us do you want to be an owner of a piece of invention like this one.