Chevy C7 Corvette VS Junkyard 5.3 Pickup

Chevy C7 Corvette VS Junkyard 5.3 Pickup

Corvette VS Junkyard

No matter what king of race type a person prefers. All of us must admit that we cannot stay indifferent. When we see unlikely pairs in a race on the streets. And, speaking of races, the Chevrolet Corvette is thought to be among the best ones because of the fact that it’s almost invincible thanks to its characteristics.

So, if you agree with this and if you think the same, then the following video will make you doubt the capacity of the Corvette and it will confuse you totally. In this street race, the mighty Corvette is paired with Junkyard 5.3. Pickup. I am sure that the first reaction of yours is laughter. However, as soon as you see that the pickup not only competes in the race. At the same time it also stomps, then you will begin to see it with different eyes.

Of course, have in mind that this Chevy C7 Corvette is being strappe up with aftermarket cam and heads. Do not miss the following video containing this unusual drag race and take a look how the underdog races are finished with a bang.