Eternal Rivalry! Chevy Silverado Steel Vs. Ford F 150 150 Aluminum! Which Is Faster? Let’s Bet!

Chevy Silverado Steel Vs. Ford F 150 150 Aluminum


As time passes by, people and places change. But, some of them, simply don’t, like for instance, the rivalry between Chevy and Ford. Which one is better? Chevy Silverado Steel Vs. Ford F 150 150? Which one can endure more? In today’s article, we will make the comparison between Chevy Silverado steel bed and Ford F 150 aluminum bed.

We are going to use two trucks for this experiment. Both of them have a good reputation and are so strong. We have Chevrolet Silverado, on one side, that is working class hero! On the other side, we have Ford F 150 that is extremely powerful! Both of them have amazing beds, but one of them has a stronger tray than the other. In a few seconds, you will find out which one!

To complete the experiment, ordinary people came in an empty storage and witnessed the first try in which a few block were thrown into the trucks` beds so to see how much they can endure it! It turned out that Chevy Silverado Steel bed outperformed the F 150 aluminum. It’s quite understandable because who on earth makes a bed of a working truck out of aluminum? The blocks left enormous marks, holes, and scratches on the Ford!

When the blocks were dropped at the steel bed of the Chevy Silverado, there were no marks at all. This truck took it like a man! On the contrary, even one toolbox dropped on the aluminum bed of Ford left a huge dent on it. Don’t miss the experiments, regardless which fanatic are you, Ford or Chevy. Facts are facts.