COULD THIS POSSIBLY EXIST? See the world’s SMALLEST W32 ENGINE that can power a TANK! Check this SHOCKING Masterpiece!


To be honest, I’ve never seen something similar to this kind of mechanical engine having only 45 cm3. It represents a NIRVANA in the world of the engineering because of its miniature dimensions. This amazing engine brought the car art to a completely new level. And all of that thanks to the incredible dedication of a passionate car lover whose name is Jose Manuel Hermo Barrejro, a.k.a. Patelo. He is famous for production of tiny miniature of engines.

You must ask yourself how he built it. Well, believe it or not, this small beast is hand-made, building piece by piece and each part assembling on a CNC machine. This piece of art contains only 850 pieces, thus making Patolo to spend, no more no less, but 2.520 hours of hard work, dedication and a lot of precision. Therefore, the result is nothing but a masterpiece: W32 cylinder engine. Well, ladies and gents, this is called a real piece of art.