Would You Dare to Travel in One of These DANGEROUS & Extreme Railways?

The rail transport has been around ever since the 16th century and many of us consider it as one of the most boring way of transport. But this list of extreme railways shows us they can be dangerous as well. First on the list, and probably the most unusual one, is the Maeklong Railway in Thailand. The railway passes through a market place, and whenever the train passes, the shop fronts are moved back from the railway. Other railways can be beautiful as well. This is the case with the Pamban Bridge Railway in India. A breathtaking moment can be seen when a 100 year old bridge, which is still operating, is being passed by a train.

On the other hand, extreme railways can be deadly as well. The Indian Railways are one of the most busiest railways, where over 25,000 people are killed in accidents annually. Another breathtaking railway built in 1901, is the Gokteik Viaduct in Myanmar, which used to be the highest railway trestle in the world. The list goes on with Nazil del Diablo in Ecuador, Gelmebrahn Funicular in Switzerland, Tren a las Nubes in Argentina. Check the video of the rest breathtaking railways. Would you dare to be a passenger in one of these?

Source: www.musclecarszone.com