Russian Road Rage: Angry Russian Knocked Out By Wrestler ‘Stop a D–bag ’

‘Stop a D–bag ’


‘Stop a D – bag’ is actually a Russian youth movement which consists of a few guys who try to enforce the regulations in the traffic in Russia. This movement occurred as a result of the 14th episode whereas Russian drivers chose sidewalk as an alternative road just to avoid the traffic jam. It’s undoubtedly a smart move, but here is the couple of boys who won’t allow you to do that. They will stop you from doing this by any means.

These extremely brave guys stand in the way of the drivers on sidewalks and ask politely the drivers to head back. A few drivers were a shame of their deed and agree to head back their cars. However, there were several ones who didn’t want to head their cars back and for that reason. Those drivers were “awarded” with a big sticker on their car windshield. The sticker was put right in the line of sight of the driver. And, that’s not all: there was a guy who wanted a quarrel and started to fight. Because he refused to go back. At the end, he got what he was asking for.

Watch the video because we will not spill the beans.