DON’T MISS! Modern vs. Classic Muscle Cars LA Rivers in a DRAG RACE of the YEAR!


This is a must see battle of the year between 3 Modern versions and 3 Originals La River from the 70’s.

Everyone knows that the American version of Top Gear is not on the same level of excitement and tease of Jeremy Clarkson and the original nurture team. But even they get intresting sometimes, like when you’re driving on the LA River in two different versions of the three classic muscles.

The LA River is the same old concrete channel as seen on Grease, Chinatown, Drive and almost any other movie that also takes place in California, including a space shuttle that should be flying into Florda.

That’s where they found two yellow Mustang Boss 302 and a newer version Mustang GT. Also the two blue Dodge came also: the new SRT8 and the original Challanger along with two Camaro SS.

The challenge for the host trio was a drag race half with the old and half with the new model, racing on the tracks.

Who do you think is the winner? Watch the video, but be careful, its not what you think…