We aren’t sure how drunk you have to be to drive home after hitting a motorcycle, especially if the motorcycle is still crammed into the grille of your SUV. The guy in this video did just that, proving once again that getting drunk and climbing behind the wheel is never okay.

Police arrested the driver of this Jeep, twenty-nine year old William Pruitt, when they followed a trail of parts, fluids and tiremarks to his home and found the bike still wedged, upright, in the grille of the SUV. This is Pruitt’s second DUI arrest and resulted in him spending 48 hours in jail and the automatic twelve month revocation of his license, along with a hefty fine. Should he be arrested for DUI again within a 5 year period, he will lose his license for three years and face a year in jail and up to $10,000 in fines.

The rider of the motorcycle was listed in critical condition following the collision that left him without a bike at the scene. I can’t imagine how puzzled the officers had to be when they arrived to find a victim, the obvious signs of a collision, but no bike in sight. Hopefully the rider was able to make a full recovery, though we haven’t heard any details about his recovery at this point.

Do us all a favor, folks. If you’re going to drink, get a taxi, summon an Uber, or call a friend. Please don’t think you’re “okay to drive” and try to make it home on your own. That’s not only putting your life in danger, but all of us that are out there on the roads with our families or children in the car with us.