DRUNK ON DUTY COP Tries To Pass A Sobriety Field Test! This Cop Made My Day Happy. IS THIS EVEN REAL?! :) LOL

Drunk cop on duty means only one thing, extremely funny video for us. The bad thing about this video is that now the captain will have a proof that the cop was indeed drunk on duty and he will have enough evidence to kick him out of the station.
The best thing about this video is that it is out in the public, everyone can see the footage and share it, so that everybody knows that cops are also drinking, as opposed to setting the law. They are law keepers only on their duty time, but they shouldn’t be drinking while on duty, because they need to tell other people not to drink too.
Now as we can see the cop is so drunk that he could barely walk to the car he pulled over. Who will fine the officer we don’t know, it is up to the Captain to decide what punishment he will give. This is not an example for the other cops, they need to keep the streets DUI people clean, and it would be much safer if the cops didn’t drink at all.

Source: www.nocarnofun.com