Epic Street Race Like You’ve Never Seen Before!Shelby GT 500!



Epic Street Race Like You’ve Never Seen Before! Wheelie-popping Mo-ped humiliates Shelby GT 500!

Shelby GT 500!


A maniac who drives a mo-ped is ready to challenge anyone and to go head to head with anything that is bold enough to square off against him on the strip. This incredible guy is going to take anyone no matter if his opponent sits behind the wheel of a Shelby GT500 Mustang or turbocharged Silverado. No matter how unbelievably it may sounds, but this overpowered but light-weight motorbike punches ahead right off the starting point! This petit wheelie popping moped takes down whatever stands on its way and everything that dares to race it! In case you wonder what kind of an engine this scooter has, it’s a Bullock built Taida 232cc. Gsxr 600 also trying his luck against this awesome scooter and by the mistake of the scooter, he wins the drag race. We all think that this GSXR 600 will not go for a rematch. What do you think about it see the video and take your opinion?

It definitely brings endless entertainment on the streets late in the night. We know that it won’t be the last time we’ll see it!