As someone who has spent a good amount of time filming alongside a drag strip, I certainly know all about the crazy situations that can happen out there in the heat of the moment. When you sign away your life before heading down to film the action, there’s a good reason for that waiver that you signed. Just about anything can happen out there, quite literally, and you need to be aware of it and ready for it to come to you before you just waltz down there and think that everything is going to be 100% safe. If you ask just about any racer who has ever set rubber to track, they will tell you that you really never know what can possibly happen when you’re out there on the racing surface.

This time, we come across a camera man who got incredibly lucky as one of those unforeseen circumstances happened right in front of his eyes.

There’s almost no situation that can lead you to expect that a supercharger will explode but, when it happens, the pieces of the blower can go absolutely anywhere. These flying chunks will become shrapnel and probably provide a lot of hurt if somebody happens to get in the way of them and for this camera operator, it looks like he was inches away from being that person if not less. Luckily for him, though, the projectiles path curved right around his head and kept him safe.

It had to be quite the feeling as this dragster got ready to rock and before he knew it, the guy holding the camera here would be a party to the giant blower explosion, sending flames into the sky and pieces of metal going every which direction. The slow-motion clip down below will show you exactly how close this one came to being a bad time. This dude was lucky to get away and his situation really makes you a little bit more thankful for what goes into all of the action that is brought to your screen!

Source: www.speedsociety.com