EXTREME DRIFTING of 700 HP Lamborghini



EXTREME DRIFTING of 700 HP Lamborghini

Brutal drifting of Lamborghini Aventador

What you are about to witness is a 700 HP Lamborghini Aventador a.k.a. the Bull Power performing an extremely insane drifting action . Its relentless force makes the planet Earth to tremble. It is avoiding the whole sequence of the stone blocks that appear out of the ground.

The video that we have provided for you here is a magnificent piece of 3D art made by Felix Geremus. By watching this video you will be able to see the newest sports car from this car company.  This Aventador fights off the forces of nature in a thunderstorm. In fact the team crew who shot this following 3-minute video inserted special effects in the Californian desert Coyote Dry Lakebed. At the same time, it will prove the classiness and power of this Aventador Bull Power, named after the Spanish bull legend the Aventador.

They enable extremely fast start up. Its power is available again in a detectable 180 milliseconds.  That is significantly faster than with traditional systems too. In addition in keeping with Lamborghini’s lightweight design philosophy this new technology also delivers a weight saving of three kilograms. The classic vehicle battery supplies only the electronic systems. They occupy very little space and lasts virtually the entire vehicle life.