F430 Spider And Ferrari 458 FACE A REALLY TOUGH OPPONENT: A SNOWMOBILE!! Crazy Competitor At Modball Drag Race 2015!


It’s really hard to believe, isn’t it? What’s more, it’s seems crazy enough imagining skies on the asphalt and steering. Therefore, we guess that it will be a damn cool race! If you want to be even more excited, then take a look at the other two opponents: F430 Spider and Ferrari 458!

Please, take a seat because what you’re going to see and hear will astonish you: this petite snow engine has equal chances of winning and bravely participating in both races against the 5.7 – liter V8 monster that generates 557 HP and against the 4.3 – liter V8 beast generating 503 HP.

For the beginning, hear the mild sounds that the snowmobile generates from its engine in comparison with the amazing aerodynamics of the mighty beast. It’s quite funny, isn’t it? But the situation will become from comic to serious when the snowmobile will launch and will leave you speechless. It will teach you a lesson not to underestimate its performances ever again. Crazy race like these that bring so much excitement you will not find anywhere.

I am full of questions: how the snowmobile is capable of performing something mighty like this? What energy drink has it been drinking? Now, feel free to watch the video provided here and if you have similar experience or you have watched something connected with snowmobiles, please share your opinion with us!