FORGOT YOUR CAR KEYS? NO BIG DEAL! Learn How to Unlock Your Car WITHOUT KEYS just in 10 seconds!


Did you forget your car keys inside the car? Well, don’t worry. There is no big deal. You can open the locked door of your car without using the keys; there is no problem at all. All you need to have is one shoelace and handy fingers.

In this video you will see a very useful and at the same time, very interesting manner of unlocking almost any car door. Just use a little of your dexterity and a shoelace and in 10 seconds you will have an unlocked car door.

This demonstrated method is more applicable for a James Bond movie, but it’s worth trying by ourselves too.

There is no need of describing the technique of unlocking, because it is very good shown in the video to figure out.

A piece of advice: Before trying this trick, please check if there is any cop around.