Frame Twist Test Between 2014 Ford F350 And 2014 Ram 3500


Watch these two powerful trucks in a frame twist test – 2014 Ram 3500 vs 2014 Ford F350.
In the video here we have one 2014 Ford F350 fighting against one 2014 Ram 3500. The guy that posted the video, Tyler Grant, commented that when he uploaded the video 3 months ago, he could say that he was completely unaware and naïve to the fierce loyalty that most owners of truck have to their preferred brand. This video was not meant to insult, slander or belittle anyone according to him, it was meant to be educational. He says that the fact of the matter is that the frames are not supposed to bend or flex, they are what holds things together. The body panels attached to flexible frame will wrinkle, kink and spot welds will eventually break. The quarrel was made that off-road vehicles have frames that bend in order to help absorb shock, but he disagrees. He says to look at trophy trucks, dirt bikes and dune buggies, because their frames are solidly built using beams that are forming triangles that we all know cannot be deformed by design. Tyler says that it is the job of the suspension to absorb the potholes, bumps, crevices and uneven terrain.
The reason why the vehicles these days last so long is because the vehicles are over-engineered to withstand strains and stresses that we will likely never even try. But, it is good to know that you can have a vehicle that can hold up to this type of stress.
Check out the video.