Get Free Gas With This 40 Years Old Trick With Mechanical Codes

gas station girl.jpg

We know that at least once in your life you wished the gas was for free.
If it is not free, you will want to be a little cheaper than it is. The President Nixon in 1970 signed the “Organized Crime Control Act”. It was made in order to confront the notorious members of the underworld who was untouchable at that time. The president also enacted provisions just to help all those secret agents to watch the members of the crew. They have implemented mechanical codes in some of the gas stations to get free gasoline that was government funded.
But one of the secret agents now reveals the secret. He showed the code, and showed how to get free gas from the gas stations. This is a great trick and you will have to learn some basic moves and you will get a free gas.
Watch the video and start saving money today. Who knows, maybe this trick still works.