This Granddad Bought The Newest Mustang GT V8



This 97-Year-Old Granddad Has Just Bought The Newest Mustang GT V8

Lennart Ribring

Lennart Ribring, born in Sweden in 1919, is the oldest Mustang driver in this world.  11 years prior were launch the Ford Model T. As soon as he first saw the original 1964, Ribring became the biggest fanatic of the Mustang. As the years have gone by, his passion did not fade. And, instead of accepting his age, Ribring embraces his life and live it to the fullest. At 97 years of age, he bought the newest 2016 Mustang GT. No 6-speed automatic and no eco-boost, but he preferred a 5.0 liter V8 with a 6-speed manual. This makes him officially the oldest Mustang driver on this planet Earth. And because of that, Ford wanted to travel to Sweden in order to meet the man himself.

And, you can find the result in the short video, where you can see the Ribring’s decades-long love affair with Mustang. Moreover, there is documented how he taught his own son to drive in a Mustang.

There was no other option for him but the newest Mustang GT. So, those of you who still think that aging is considered as boring and not entertaining, think again. Ribring proves the opposite and shows the world that you’re never too old to live your passions.