This Guy Destroyed Horribly A 1965 Ford Mustang Trying To Load It Into a Trailer

1965 Ford Mustang


After seeing this video, I can personally declare that there is a possibility of Mustangs to be cursed. In case you ask yourself why to watch the following video and see how this Mustang refuses to enter the trailer when being driving into it. It reminded me a lot of a dog refusing to enter a bathtub.

I have seen a lot of Mustangs going out of control widely, but this one has definitely blown my mind away. It maybe is the driver’s fault, since everything that he had to do was to drive the car gently into the trailer.  But then, this happened.

Although he had probably loaded thousands of cars onto this trailer without incident, however under a lot of pressure from a crowd and the Mustang, he lost his traction and nerves and traction alongside with it.

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