How Many Cars Got Destroyed During The Filming Of Furious 7?


We don’t know if you have seen the new movie “Furious 7”, but you probably know that there are many car crashes through buildings and also landing parachute drops.
So, for the filming of all those scenes, they destroyed many cars.
230 cars were totally destroyed during the filming of the “Furious 7” and that apparently contributed heavily to the $250 million budget of Universal. They needed so many cars for filming the scenes, and in the process of filming, they destroyed 230 cars for which the filmmakers ordered to be destroyed. The reason for this is because they didn’t want somebody to get a crazy idea to rebuild some of the cars and to perform some of the dangerous scenes from the movie.
Dennis McCarthy’s people made a deal with the used-car lots and junkyards. They would wreck 25 cars a day, at night they would come up and scoop ‘em and bring them 25 more.