I AM LEFT SPEECHLESS! How Can This Be POSSIBLE? VW Rabbit OUTDRIVES the 1330 HP Nissan GT-R R35!


Yes, it’s true! Believe to your eyes! You read the title correctly!

The legendary king of all drag strips, 1300 HP Nissan Skyline GT-R R35 was TAKEN DOWN by VW Golf MK1, a.k.a. 16Vampir with its incredible 2.0 liter that generates an amazing 1100 HP. If someone told me few hours earlier, I would have laughed at their face. But, as soon as I watched the video I was left mouth-opened.

Taking an extreme advantage of the German engineering, it is the fastest VW Rabbit 16 vampire ever made who set a new VW AWD record, by reaching 175 MPH in only 8.29 seconds at a quarter mile distance. By so doing, it left the 1330 HP Nissan GT-R for a whole second behind.

In the video you will see that because the excellent launch control, the Godzilla had a perfect start. However, that was not enough for the lightweight 16Vampire Rabbit to outride the GT-R R35 right after a few yards.

The video is shot with many cameras from different angles and perspectives, so we can clearly see this amazing race. I like the rear view camera the most where it can be seen how the driver says AUFIDERSEN to the Godzilla.

Well, let’s stop talking! Let’s watch the whole video of this awesome race.