Look At This Incredible Remote Controlled Truck Made By Pandora

Remote Controlled Truck


Not so many years ago, books containing recipes for birthday cakes were the pinnacle of child-appropriate cooking. But, nowadays kids who have grown up with cooking shows, croquembouches, and macarons become a lot more discerning.

And, the moment you think that things cannot become anything worse. Here comes a woman from Pandora Cake Shop in Hong Kong. Who successfully baked a truck cake that is remote controlled. A video of this steerable dessert was posted on the official Facebook page of the shop 1 week ago and was watched more than 4 million times.

The drivable device that whizzes around the room with its flashing lights and horn. It’s completely edible (except the wheels and wires, of course). Then, the very next moment, its operator cuts this impressive truck cake. With a knife and pulls out one delicious slice.

Numerous commenters posted their shocking response after watching this video and realizing that this clever thing was both a sweet treat and an electronic toy. As soon as they found out that this remote-controlled toy was edible, they sad that it really got them. At the same time, a lot of people tagged their friends in the comments asking them to make a similar cake for their upcoming birthdays.