Jaw-Dropping Footage: Huge Container Ship Runs Straight Into A University Football Field!

There are various types of shipping accidents. The majority of these accidents happen in deep seas far from public. However, sometimes a shipping accidents can happen in a densely populated area. In this one, we have a terrifying example of the latter. The incident happened in April, 2014 when a 610-foot container ship called Hansa Constitution somehow veered off course in the busy East Lamma channel. This resulted in the huge container ship to go straight to shore next to a football field. The football field is a part of a university in Hong Kong. Fortunately, a major disaster was avoided.

The crew of the huge container ship did everything in their power to stop the huge vessel from hitting the shore with a big amount of power. There is still no confirmation as to what exactly happened. However, there are a few theories surrounding this mishap. This could`ve been caused by a sudden engine failure that resulted from loss of electricity. If this was the case, the backup generators need a minute and a half to kick in. The huge vessel could`ve veered off course during that period of time. Of course, the captain just didn`t have enough time in order to steer the ship back to the shipping channel. In this case, the only option would`ve been to continue straight and drop anchors to slow the vessel down.
However, here is a good tip on how to take care of cargo ships at sea!

Source: www.musclecarszone.com