The annual Paul Walker Memorial Meet in Quebec is one of the largest Fast and Furious-themed events in North America and likely the world. Each year, the event brings out a massive crowd of car enthusiasts, each of whom was in some way effected by the late actor and his role as Brian O’Connor in the iconic film franchise.

YouTuber ThatDudeInBlue made the trip and was treated to a great day of fellowship with fellow enthusiasts and also got to hop behind the wheel of a NISMO GTR for some fun on the drag stip.

This year, one of the guests on hand was none other than Chad Lindberg, who played the tuning genius Jesse in the first film in the series. Chad joined our host for a couple of passes down the drag strip. Later, Chad would jump in his Jetta from the movie and take on the Honda S2000 of Johnny Tran. If you remember nothing from the first movie, you likely remember Jesse jumping on the nitrous too early in his race for pink slips with Tran, prompting Tran’s now-infamous “Too soon, Junior” line.

It’s hard to tell from the video who actually won the race, but based on the crowd’s chant, Chad was the sentimental favorite, and their lack of response after the cars crossed the stripe makes it seem that Tran took another win.

There is plenty going on at the Paul Walker Memorial, from drag racing to a car show and plenty of F&F themed activities and appearances. We expect the event to only grow as the franchise continues to grow as well. What would you like to see at the next event? Is there somebody from the series that you would like to see make an appearance? Maybe a particular car you’d like to check out up close?