LAUGHING OUT LOUD! Extremely Hilarious Downhill Barbie Jeep Racing!


The main idea behind this event was an organization of a competition which at the same time will be the most entertaining ever!

Therefore, with a combination of both, this downhill off-road race with Barbie carts was the funniest one that ever happened in Alabama. I couldn’t stop laughing seeing these foolish bearded adults racing Barbie jeeps downhill.

Just the thought of crazy bearded adults driving Barbie carts downhill makes me burst into laughing. However, this event where many adult men and women go and have the time of their life is held annually in the off-road park in Morris Mountain, Alabama.

It is more than obvious that the race in the muddy downhill will cause many problems to the drivers especially because the Barbie jeeps are having no motors. Although they are toy carts, the scratches and bums are quite real.

Nevertheless, this fierce motor-less downhill race is what I’d like to try sometimes in life. Brace yourself for the funniest muddy battle between tiny monstrous jeeps in the video provided here:


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