Listen To This 454 Big Block With Two Cherry Bomb Glasspacks Make An Awesome Rumble!

When you own a truck with a 454 Big Block engine, you already have a pretty awesome vehicle.

However, when you want to intensify the experience of owning that, what do you do? Well, apparently you throw some cherry bomb glasspacks on it and make it sound like the battle of Hastings – as loud as humanly possible. In this video, we are shown that it`s not always about speed. You can sit in your car and drive it comfortably wherever you want to go, instead of chasing gears and making sure you`re at the fastest possible speed at all given moments. There is something about relaxing in your vehicle that this truck gets, and you`ll want to do it as well after you hear the grumble that it makes.

When you put two cherry bomb glasspacks in an already loud vehicle, you get a thundering, mind-numbing rumble from under your car. It will take a lot of effort to tweak it to your liking but in the end you`ll have a truck that sounds as impressive as it deserves to be, something which is incredibly rare in today`s car industry. However, that`s just when you start it – when you rev it up, it will turn into an insatiable dragon roaring for more and more fuel to be utilized and blown out the back end. It`s very simple to do and even more satisfying to listen to, you just have to be ready for all the looks that this truck is going to get – and only people who don`t know cars will give you the side eye! It’s the 454 Big guys!


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