Love At First LIGHT: Take a Look at the New NISSAN GTR R-35 a.k.a. RADZILLA!


The more we see them, the stronger our love towards them becomes! Although there are thousands Nissans GTR R35, each one of them is unique in their own way that leaves you speechless.

From time to time, a new perfect masterpiece from the best Japanese super-car production occurs, one of which is the super-car that we are going to show you in the video provided here. It’s no more or less but Nissan GTR R-35 a.k.a. Radzilla.

What makes this Nissan different from the rest can be found in its modified body, thanks to the incredible craftsmen from Auto Explosion in California, more particularly, to the Damian Pimentel.

We saw this amazing car for the first time at SEMA last year, and we agreed completely that it looks stunning.

This car doesn’t possess many details, unless you are counting all the LIGHTS that can be found on it. There are more lights on this car than in Paris and Tokyo altogether. If you prefer cars with better appearance rather than good performance, then this car is the right thing for you, because it will leave you breathless with its appearance.

Don’t get me wrong! I don’t dislike the car; I am only saying that this Nissan GTR R-35 is not going to be found at the drag race shortly.

So, enjoy watching the video and admire the incredible beauty in it.