Massive Line of Trucks Towing Boats Forming in Huston Texas To Help Hurricane Victims

“Look at all these people with their boats coming to help Houston Texas. Heading westbound on highway 90 on the road between Liberty Dayton” – Veronika Previte uploaded this video 19 hours and it already has 3.5 million views. Great to see the outpouring of support. The great thing about these guys is they are going out to help those in need and many don’t say a word. This massive line of trucks towing boats to help shows there are good people in this word!

They keep it to themselves attitude and help with the good of their hearts morals are amazing. Using their personal resources to help those less forunate and suffering. People from across Texas, and from neighboring states such as Louisiana, have been coming with bass boat, Jet skis, and even flat-bottomed fan boats that can pass shallow water, helping pluck people stuck in their homes for up to 48 hours since Harvey first struck but also big trucks and tons of supplies have been brought in to help.

They said they were opening the water to stream into Buffalo Bayou, which goes through the city, with an end goal to control the stream of the water, as opposed to having it leak out. Yet, local people fear it will add to their stresses. Doesn’t matter if you have a big badass boat or a tiny dingy… All these guys are here to help! You know it’s bad when nobody can drive anywhere to escape… Pretty scary to be honest!

This is America right here folks. Not all this rioting and protesting, but actually helping our fellow Americans in need. Hats off to everyone helping out with Hurricane Harvey. 🇺🇸

Posted by TruckDaily on Tuesday, August 29, 2017


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