The Murder Nova That Kills Everything On The Drag Strip


Shawn Ellington was born in 1977 in Merced California. In 1982 he moved to Sayre, Oklahoma where he grew up moving around the auto body shop of his dad Richard. He was working around the shop and his dad taught him many things about the cars. They had a few cars that they enjoyed working on them together, and they always wanted to make them faster.
Now, Shawn is a dad, and he enjoys working in the shop together with his dad Richard and with his son Alden. They have many project cars, and one of them is a 1955 Chevrolet, but his heart is in the amazing Murder Nova. He feels like at home there and he says that there is not a greater adrenaline rush on the planet than screaming down the track in the Murder Nova.
This Murder Nova has a Big Block Chevy engine, Twin Turbo, Fuel Injected Carburetor and GM 210 Turbo 400 Transmission

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