New UNBEATABLE World Record Set by Corvette!



New UNBEATABLE World Record Set by Corvette!

194 MPH in just 3.97 seconds


Do you sometimes ask yourself, who is writing the history? The winners or the losers? According to us, the winners are the creators of the world’s history and our claim is supported by this powerful beast of an engine, the ultimate Corvette!

Imagine a situation: you accelerate instantaneously form 0 to 200 MPH in just 4 seconds. It seems mind-blowing, isn’t it? Well, this is not a fairy tale, but reality. Who else but Chevrolet Corvette? It possesses unbelievable power which helps her to achieve from 0 to 194 MPH in just 3.97 seconds.

The video that you will see become history at the very moment when it happened, because I doubt anyone in the next few decades will be able to reach 1/8 mile in just 4 seconds. Who else but the Racing Blown Hemi Corvette who has the purest American blood in her fuel system.

Being the lucky owner, Jason MIchalak will heat the adrenaline in the drag race with his beast.

Congrats to the entire team and hats off to Tyler Crossnoe and Jason Rueckert on the amazing track prep in ‘tricky’ conditions!

Enjoy the video, and comment below in order to share your opinion with you.