Nitro!How Much Can a Car Take Before it Goes BOOM



Nitro-How Much Can a Car Take Before it Goes BOOM

Be very careful with NITRO !!!

Several scenes in the movie Fast and the Furious can be seen where the lead role loses a drag race up to the point where they reach and hit the nitrous.

This usually ends up in the lead character winning the race in a cakewalk. But we all know that when it comes to real life, things don’t go so smooth. Boosting the energy of the engine or in other words “overdosing” it, often leads to very tragic moments.

You must be extremely prudent in the use of nitrogen engine. However, thanks to David Freiburger of “Motor Trend”, now we know what the limit for nitrous is. Freiburger analyzed a Chevy 305 engine and gradually added more and more nitrogen until the engine finally gave up.

Many people have lost powerful engines by experimenting with nitro, however now we know what are the limits and how to prevent the explosion of the engine from nitrogen.

Yeah, it ends badly, but before the engine’s demise we learn a lot, showing you how nitrous oxide increases horsepower and giving you tips on how to use it safely on any engine. You’ll also learn a pretty good power combo for a 305 Chevy! Engine Masters is support by Mr. Gasket and Earl’s Vapor Guard.