No NEED Of Using Imagination! What You’re Going To See is a Reality: Boeing Jet engine Put on a Hellish Go-Kart!


Well, as we said earlier, there is no need of imagination because the Go Kart that you are going to see exists for real and it will leave you speechless in many ways. First of all, because of its outer look. Having a massive exhaust on the back makes it to sound terrifying as a jet aircraft. Do we need to mention that it is super fast in order to catch the idea of this devilish Go Kart?

One thing I cannot agree with: its name! Under no circumstances this hellish vehicle cannot be named as a Go Kart because it’s not even close to the petite karts that reach maximum speed of 16 MPH and 20 HP. It would be better to called it Jet Kart, because this name better depicts its nature.

So, watch the video and wait to the moment when the sound of this Jet vehicle will make goose bumps at your skin by increasing the level of your adrenaline. Just stop and think for a second, what speed it might reach if you get to ride one like this on a drag race? Our opinion is 160 MPH!