OMG! Black Beauty in a HOT BURNOUT! 1968 DODGE CHARGER – Monster of a Machine!


Brace yourself! Because what you are going to see in the following few minutes is the incredible potency of an American muscle car 1968 Dodge Charger demonstrating its horsepower in a heavy and loud burnout.

There are no enough words to describe the excitement seeing this mighty beast of a machine wasting its tires on the asphalt. The excitement grows as you see the tail lights in combination with the beautiful smoke coming out of the burnout as if the MONSTER SPITS MAD FLAMES! Undoubtedly, that is the thing that we all wait and love.

 Although it is short, the burnout definitely impressed the luckiest spectators that witnessed this spectacle of a car show. This is a proof that you don’t need an expensive sport car when you have a classic black beauty such as this one that generates tremendous amount of power. That’s the reason why we adore the amazing Dodge Charger! Enjoy the video.