OMG! See The Result Of Recreating Gymkhana and an 800 HP Truck!


Because Ford Focus is not able to jump as high as the trophy truck!

In case you do not know BJ Baldwin, don’t worry at all! You are about get familiar with him shortly!

BJ Baldwin, actually is an off road truck racer who recently featured a POV video tape from within his trophy truck while doing burnouts. He is also known for his ‘Recoil’ series, which are similar to the off road truck version of Block’s Gymkhana.

Nevertheless, here he comes again with a new Recoil video.

The video is similar to Gymkhana, except it contains a lot more jumps and a badass Sasquatch who cannot stay still. All silliness aside, the video provided here shows how incredible the trophy truck is, no matter if it tears up the city streets or on the dirt. So, watch ‘Recoil 3’ and share your opinion with us.continue-2